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Surfe.be - passive income


Surfe.be - passive income

Nigeria Property Magazine is an Online Real Estate Property Vendor based in Lagos, Nigeria. We are committed to serve you the best verified properties in Lagos State, Rivers State, Abuja City and other States/ Cities that are part of Nigeria for you to make a choice of your want and also, to help you as a Real Estate body to sell your properties to Nigerians at home and in Diaspora who conduct property search daily on our site.

In our call of Service, we put the safety of our client first while giving the best Real Estate Service is always our Priority.

Nigeria Property Magazine is a  brand owned by DestinyKing Home of Global Properties and Investment Limited, a CAC Certified and approved Limited Liability Company in Nigeria under the law of CAMA.


Our Goal:

To Satisfy the want of every Nigerians at Home and in Diaspora both high profiled, Middle and low class Entities/persons on property acquisition and investment.

Our Mission:

As property investment is the earnest way to acquire genuine wealth, Nigeria Property Magazine has spread in many Versions to satisfy the human want on Property Investment, Property Acquisition and Property Management by authenticating our Search Network System to be the genius one. We strive to meet the desire of every individuals in Nigeria and diaspora.


To make Nigeria Property Magazine an Authentic Property Search Network System where people can genuinely search and get property of their Choice.


As a brand body/entity, we render professional services to people both in high class and average level of living in home and in Diaspora while generating income.


Our Core of Value is FACT:
  • F - Focus
  • A - Accuracy
  • C - Credibility
  • T - Transparency

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Surfe.be - passive income

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