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Online Real Estate Advert Publicity has become our major concern on how to help our subscribers rich their goals when it comes to Real Estate Investment. Nigeria Property Magazine, the first of it kind,  has taken a bold step to standout as First Nigeria Online Real Estate Magazine Company  with trusted, verified and accurate properties across the Nation. We have come out to help Developers and Realtors to push their properties to our prospective subscribers who are in one way and the other need property in their desired location. In other to achieve this; we have increased our security conscious on our KYC Form which will help us to know all Property Marketing Companies/developers who are using our platform to sale their properties. Before we publish any Property Content/brief, both on our E - Magazine and on our Website, We pass our KYC Form to the Developer/Company/Realtor that request for advert in other to serve them better and to protect the interest of our subscribers on investment


Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Surfe.be - Banner advertising service


Send numbers of Ad you are promoting with evidence of payment to: nigeriapropertymagazine@gmail.com and copy to destinyconsult.dc@gmail.com
With the evidence of payment we have known the Ad Plan you subscribed to.

  • One of your Pictures must have Price Tag on it with the name of the Property (Not a Flyer)
  • Brief Headline description.
  • The Pictures must be sharp and not more Less than 1000px by 800px each.
  • Full Body Description (Full Details, Including Price, Your Name, Call Number and Whatsapp Number, Email Address and website if any).
  • State The Promotion Plan Chosen.
  • Any Listing that does not comply with the above quality will not be published nor Promoted.

Promotion plan:




T & C


1 Month

Free Post


Our Phone will be on the Published  post plus #yourname, to remember who own the post when client called


1 Month

Paid Post


Your number will be on the published Post + boost on our  social media and affiliates.

Pay Now

3 Months

Ad Banner(s)



Pay Now

Make Transfer or Cash Deposit to;

ACCOUNT NAME:   DestinyKing Hme of Gbl Pro. Inv. Ltd
ZENITH BANK:        1015549566

Send Your Publication content  with quality HD pictures, Include's Details of Payment Prove along with the Properties you want to Promote.
All Promotion Ad Target are Expected to be send before the day of our Publication.
Any Promotion Ad Target that send on the day of Publication will not be Published that day but will be carried to the Next  Publication Day.

NOTE: Your Publication is save with use

COMING SOON: We will start collect article for our Ember  E - Magazine Submit your Article now

Surfe.be - Banner advertising service

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